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7/4/2014 11:31 AM   Chamali Jayampathi

Please give for information about Course fees for programs in Singapore, accommodation, how I can manage. Are part time jobs common?I don't know how to pay, but I really interested in doing a program. Please help me. Thanks

RE: MBA programs in Singapore
7/8/2014 8:29 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Chamali,

You can browse MBA programs in Singapore here.
When it comes to accommodation, that can vary depending on the university, city and area - some programs might even provide for accommodation. For specific information on part-time jobs, employment visas and scholarship opportunities, you should get in touch with universities directly - they can provide detailed information on student costs.



RE: MBA programs in Singapore
7/9/2014 9:47 AM   Singapore John

Living expenses in Singapore are not nearly as expensive as some European or American metropolitan areas. If you rent a room and live modestly, you could probably get by on 3,000 SGD.

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