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6/17/2014 9:38 AM   Amanpreet

I am looking for an MBA in Mumbai with a good reputation internationally as I am hoping to work abroad in the future. Can anyone recommend a good program?

RE: MBA in Mumbai
6/17/2014 1:14 PM   Bhairavi

The SP Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai is very well ranked in India. Its high rankings in India also probably help with global recognition, but not sure.

RE: MBA in Mumbai
6/17/2014 2:01 PM   SearchMBA

Hi Amanpreet,

Here is a list of MBAs in India. Notably, many of the programs that we have listed are international schools with a campus in India, which would contribute to international mobility post graduation (especially in terms of the network of alumni you would gain from it). Of the programs in Mumbai, the Schuluch MBA is well-known and ranks globally in the Financial Times MBA rankings (66 in 2014).

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