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11/26/2014 4:55 PM   Pradeep
What kind of salary package will I get if I do a MBA?

RE: MBA salary package
11/27/2014 8:45 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Pradeep,

The most streamlined way of checking prospective salaries after an MBA are MBA rankings. When you are considering a school in the top brackets, the previous salaries, post-graduation and average salary increases are included in the tables.

In the United States, graduates of top schools typically land annual salaries between $100,000-120,000. In Europe, this number is about €80,000-95,000 per year.

Depending on the field you want to work in, the grade of program you attend and your location, these numbers can fluctuate some. In terms of industries, MBA grads in consulting typically earn more than their counterparts.

You can learn more about MBA Rankings and potential salaries here.

Hope this is helpful.


RE: MBA salary package
12/4/2014 8:05 AM   Pradeep graduate salaries vary significantly depending on which school you attended? Say, a business school with out ranking..

RE: MBA salary package
12/8/2014 9:13 AM   Janet
Good luck, but remember, money isn't everything.

RE: MBA salary package
12/8/2014 2:30 PM   Pradeep
Like what?

RE: MBA salary package
12/9/2014 9:19 AM   Janet
Well, Pradeep, there is always the path towards self-actualization, aspiring to be the best person you can be, philanthropic goals, etc. If you base everything on money, you will surely be disappointed in the end.

RE: MBA salary package
12/11/2014 11:36 AM   Pradeep
I just want to earn enough to give myself and my family a nice life. Is that so much to ask?

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