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7/22/2014 6:49 AM   SaurabhJain

I have completed my Engineering in Mechanical. And now I am confused whether to opt for PG in MBA or go for Job. Help please..

RE: MBA Dilemma
8/5/2014 4:32 PM   SearchMBA

Hi SaurabhJain,

An MBA combined with education and experience in mechanical engineering can open many opportunities. 

Under the best of circumstances, an MBA can provide mechanical engineers with an edge by enabling them to understand an organisation from both the business and product perspectives. 

On the question of whether to go straight for the MBA or get work experience first, that depends on what your long term career goals are and the admissions standards of your prospective universities (many universities require professional experience for admission). If you are hoping to work in a management capacity rather than in a technical role, then an MBA is very likely to help you career. 



RE: MBA Dilemma
9/3/2014 3:25 PM   Rob
I agree with working a bit before doing an MBA. How can you possibly figure out what you want to do with your career without testing out the waters first?

RE: MBA Dilemma
9/5/2014 2:03 PM   Karim
Rob, agreed.
SaurabhJain, you should go an get some experience.

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