Is an MBA "worth it" for a copywriter / creative? - Forum

3/17/2015 11:35 AM   Angela
I'm working as a copywriter in Seattle and thinking about getting my MBA. My goal is to lead marketing within a company eventually and get more entrenched in the strategy behind why we write what we write. However, I'm a little nervous to 1. spend the money, and 2. take time off of working on creative content. Can anyone with experience with this voice in on what path they chose and why?

RE: Is an MBA "worth it" for a copywriter / creative?
4/9/2015 12:08 PM   Lena
An MBA program is a great idea to move up in a company's structure into a more executive role. Can I ask: are you only interested in doing a better job as a copy-writer or are you genuinely interested in leading a marketing strategy and taking a backseat in the execution?

What I'm saying is: Are you a born and bred writer who is interested in delivering the best creative content or are you looking to start leading the company?

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