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3/17/2015 11:43 AM   Ed
I am completely committed to getting my MBA in General Management BUT I am not excited about shelling out 100k in costs. I'm looking at programs that will allow me to study part-time so that I can stay at work. I'd also like to get this done before my wife and I have the clock is sort of ticking. I love my company and plan on staying here for a long time so I'm wondering if I can convince my boss to pitch in with my tuition costs so I don't break the bank. Is there some kind of method for approaching my boss that someone can recommend? Many thanks, Ed

RE: Getting your boss to pay for your MBA
3/24/2015 3:20 PM   John
Do you have a feeling about whether your company is open to doing this in general? It might be a good idea to find out if someone else has done some trailblazing for you with a sponsored MBA already and then speak with them about how they got it to work.

Every company is different.

RE: Getting your boss to pay for your MBA
3/25/2015 4:10 PM   SearchMBA
Hi Ed,

Maybe this would be a great stage to consider whether you would like to earn an MBA or an EMBA. An EMBA would allow you to study while you work to put your knowledge into practice immediately and benefit you as well as your company.

Here is a list of EMBA programs which you can narrow down to your location:

What are your thoughts?

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