2/27/2015 11:54 AM   Emin
Is it better to take the TOEFL or IELTS? What will most schools ask me for? Do I even need to take it if my undergraduate was done in English but in Turkey?

3/17/2015 11:25 AM   SearchMBA
Hi Emin,

In which English speaking country are you planning to study your MBA? In my research, I've found that TOEFL is conducted by a non-profit in the U.S. while IELTS is managed by Great Britain and Australia. Thus, the university will be more familiar with one or the other depending on which country you choose. You can filter results on our site by changing the location button to the country or city you're interested in. Here is a list of programs for the U.S.:

As for getting your undergraduate degree done in English to translate to English proficiency, it's a good idea to speak directly with the admissions officers at the university you're interested in. You can do that on with the green information request button.

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