Postgraduate Degrees in Finance in South Africa

South Africa is a country that is located on the southernmost tip of the African continent and is noted for its several distinct ecosystems and a developing economy with considerable growth potential. South Africa provides huge networks and opportunities for professional development of graduates in the study of finance and international business, and is one of the most important commercial centers of Africa. Find and compare postgraduate finance degrees in South Africa. Request information from the admissions offices to receive personalized program descriptions and application advice.
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South Africa's Financial Sector - Opportunities for Graduates

Opportunities for business professionals in South Africa are huge, as every sector needs managerial and administrative support these days. The major economic sectors of South Africa include - natural resources, agriculture and food processing, manufacturing, service industry, business process outsourcing and financial services. These industries employ a huge number of finance professionals with postgraduate degrees or specializations. South Africa’s economy is growing and it is the second largest in Africa.

Postgraduate programs format

South Africa has a very high adult literacy rate compared to other African nations and university education on several sectors is categorized in three distinct parts. The curriculum of the programs is in line with accredited professional qualifications. Many schools offer business and finance graduate courses in finance  over 100 countries worldwide. The courses are held by professional teachers and experts in the industry with great experiences that benefit future employees of the financial market. The modules consist of classroom lectures, assignments, reports, hands-on exhibits and computer lab sessions to provide professionals with a complete set of skills needed in the financial sector.

Finance program content

Postgraduate programs can be completed in a span of 2 to 4 years depending on the nature of the course that has been selected by participants.Postgraduate finance courses provide solid understanding of the fundamental conceptions of international finance and expand the skills to be competitive in the field. Some main modules include topics such as: mathematical, statistical and economic calculations at an advanced level, recent advances in solving problems, investment analysis, corporate finance, financial statement analysis, portfolio management, financial instruments and risk management. There are many opportunities for professionals as there are optional modules to choose from so that they can specialize in areas that interest them.

Career prospects for Finance graduates in South Africa

Degrees to specialize in the area of ​​finance provide an impressive set of skills, knowledge and practical experience to help succeed in a competitive job market. The professionals who pursue postgraduate or specialized degrees in finance have excellent employment history and are absorbed directly into the leading organizations in the labor market. Graduates have opportunities to join top global companies and multinational organizations after completion of graduate studies in finance.

Professionals with a postgraduate finance degree can expect job availability in professions such as pricing analyst, investment banking analyst diverse demand planning analyst, financial analyst budget and the officer reporting analyst. Every company needs employees with abilities of managing finances in order to maintain records and keep track of transactions and financial activities. Moreover, those who complete a graduate degree in finance will have no trouble standing out in the crowd in the competitive job market. Those struggling in the current job in finance or are applicants for their first recruits can achieve certifications and experience necessary for a smooth future career.


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