Business Programs in Vancouver

Vancouver is a vibrant, international city with a focus on business education and growth. With a strong international population that is particularly welcoming to international students, finding an MBA program and later employment opportunities is easier than ever Find and compare business education courses below and request information to learn more about Vancouver’s exciting MBA programs.
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MBA Programs in Vancouver - What's Special about Business Education in Vancouver?

A possible opportunity to stay in Canada after the MBA

Vancouver is interested in new business talent and retaining international students to grow the economy. International students graduating from an MBA program in Canada may be qualified to receive a Post-Graduate Work Permit which allows international graduates from a post-graduate institution between 1-3 years to find an employer after graduating. Without the stress of needing a job offer immediately, you will be able to choose a company based on your career goals rather than urgency.

Vancouver – an International City with a Welcoming Culture

Vancouver has very high rates of residents born outside of Canada. With these numbers, you can be assured that diversity and an international perspective are welcome. Universities are similarly diverse and this will afford MBA students the opportunity to build an international business network in their program leading to unique opportunities to create a global network.

Highly international, the city is host to fifty-four consulates. It is also home to the Port of Vancouver which ranks first in North America for total number of foreign exports. The Richmond, Vancouver International Airport serves as yet another gateway to the world, the second largest in Canada.

Vancouver Business: A model of Stability and Innovation

Canada’s economy is strong and stable and largely driven by the oil and gas sector the service industries, mining sector, healthcare, financial sector, logging, auto, and aircraft. The finance sector is especially stable.

Vancouver is also home to a nascent start-up technical culture and is showing growing initiatives in green living and sustainability. It boasts a highly diversified and prosperous economy and is a commercial hub in Canada. Because the economy in Vancouver is so diverse, students are able to choose MBA programs in many specializations; from General Management to Information Technology, Vancouver has an interest in delivering highly skilled business graduates to the economic landscape.

A High Standard of Living in Vancouver

As one of the world’s cleanest cities with aspirations of becoming the world’s greenest city, Vancouver is focused on providing a high quality of life to its residents ensuring your time studying a Master of Business Administration will be enjoyed. It has consistently placed highly as one of the world’s most livable cities with Vancouver’s safety, public transport, healthcare, business conditions, and proactive policy being taken into consideration.

Its place on the coast means Vancouver’s winters are mild by Canadian standards.
A diverse selection of ethnic food from around the world as well as trendy boutiques and restaurants and an outdoorsy culture mean your leisure time will be filled.

Vancouver’s Outdoor Beauty

Vancouver is renowned for its beautiful scenery. Resting on a peninsula on the West coast of Canada, Vancouver is nestled in mountains and forest and borders the beach. A trip around the coast will likely take you past seals, sea otters, and eagles. Inland hiking can take you up to stunning views on Crown mountain or the Lions and make you a full-fledged local.


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