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Business administration studies in South Africa, at either MBA, executive MBA or doctoral level, are popular among applicants interested in developing a competitive profile in the current global economy context. Browse accredited MBA programs offered in South Africa and request information to get the details and reach out to admissions officers.
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Choosing South Africa for Business Studies

South Africa provides many opportunities for social entrepreneurship, a sound bank system and a strong networking potentials among business professionals. The efficiency-driven economy of South Africa inspires an increasing number of entrepreneurs who want to move their ventures abroad and benefit from the local climate and efficient anti-monopoly policies.

The South African Economic Environment

The business climate in South Africa is remarkably successful in advancing anti-monopoly policies, which is enabling for young entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium enterprises. South African economy also ranks among world's highest  in terms of the strength of auditing and reporting standards. The sound bank system and high performance in the management of corporate brands attract new foreign investors.

Financing through local equity market is a successful practice in South Africa. Important financial centres are the country's main cities, Pretoria - the executive capital - , Capetown - the main legislative center -, and Johannesburg - the largest city. The collaboration between business ventures and academic bodies is especially visible at the level of investment in research and development.

MBA Education Overview

Business administration studies in South Africa focus on developing applicants' leadership vision, in terms of readiness for social initiative, creative marketing strategies and risk-aware business process re-negotiation. The admission process typically consists in a step-by-step assessment of candidates' profile, in terms of academic merits, practical business performance and initiative for the future.

South Africa's competitive market profile is reflected in the education standards. Business schools in South Africa follow an international curriculum and  tailor their programs to international candidates who want to gain an up-to-date overview of the global business arena and the local entrepreneurial practices. Many of the programs we recommend include practical field project, internships or semesters abroad, hosted by business schools in Europe or the United States.

Specializing your South African MBA program

In the U.S., it is common to specialize your MBA. In the first year candidates often receive a foundation in business practices with the second year dedicated to developing special skills in an area of interest. Some common concentrations are International Management, Marketing, and Finance.

Are you set on an MBA? Choosing which kind of postgraduate education to pursue in South Africa

Postgraduate education programmes are offered in all fields of education and are typically obtained after earning a similar bachelor’s degree. In the business field, these programs are usually referred to as executive education programs, however, they can be available in the form of specialized master’s as well. An MBA is usually tailored to students with 2-5 years of professional experience while an Executive MBA is suitable for people with significant managerial experience looking for an entry-point into a higher leadership position within their company or a move to a larger global organization.

South African Cultural Highlights

The South African culture is one of contrasts and diversity. The social dynamics and local hospitality invite to an in-depth cultural discovery, either during business trips or leisure visits. The local diversity is reflected in language, customs and the people's values. In South Africa are spoken many local dialects, eleven of which are also official languages. English is spoken at all institutional levels which enables a good communication with international business managers and foreign investors.


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