Programs in Aviation Management

The aviation industry demands professionals with in-depth knowledge of airfreight and customer service. A degree in Aviation Management provides candidates with a wide range of technical and managerial skills and prepares students for long-term careers within the aviation sector. Develop vital business competences to manage the complex and ever-changing aeronautical environment - Browse the list of programs in aviation management below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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Programs in Aviation Management – combining technical and managerial skills

Throughout the aviation management program, students will gain insight into the current issues in the aviation sector and develop their industry-specific knowledge and practical managerial skills.

Programs cover numerous business topics related to aviation industry such as marketing, public relations, financial accounting and sales. Aviation Management programs will also combine the study of basic business knowledge with aviation-specific courses, including technical assistance.

To prepare graduates for managerial positions, programs in aviation management develop student’s practical knowledge in leadership and project management, strategic execution, business law and labor relations. Students wishing to pursue international career have access to specialized courses, such as global aviation management.

What skills do candidates gain from an Aviation Management program?

Upon completing an Aviation Management program, candidates will be able to apply business principles into the aviation management environment quickly responding to risks and efficiently working in the international environment. The acquired leadership skills enable graduates to deal with emerging issues and successfully manage organizations in fast-changing aviation industry.

Throughout a program in Aviation Management, candidates build practical skills in analytical and conceptual thinking, business planning and solving complex, positioning them for global career opportunities.

Exploring job opportunities

The aviation industry boasts a wide spectrum of high/yielding careers which are essential to its daily operations and yearly growth. Sectors in aviation include airport safety, air traffic and airline management. Individuals with managerial positions focus on providing superior customer service and controlling key aspects of business operations.

Apart from essential managerial skills such as communication and critical thinking, careers in aviation require advanced technical training, including flight safety and aeronautical engineering. Being a highly technical sector, working in aviation requires that candidates have a comprehensive understanding of the tools of the business as well as effective management.

What are the job responsibilities?

Candidates equipped the tailored and practical business skills of a degree in aviation management will gain rewarding job responsibilities. Graduates may be in charge of diverse business functions, including coordinating and supervising personnel, managing strategy and overall operations, marketing an airport or an airline, negotiating with potential customers, planning and maintain safety, etc.

The advantages of a degree in Aviation Management

An aviation management program progresses candidate’s knowledge in fundamental business theory and practice as well as provides them with industry relevant skills that will open doors to various career opportunities. Graduates can choose to pursue careers as a safety manager, contact specialist, operations, terminal controller as well as many other positions.

Programs in aviation management combine aviation training and business management to develop future business leaders. If you want to advance your knowledge in aviation industry and successfully prevent risks by implementing your managerial competences then a program in aviation management is for you – apply today!


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