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Our goal at is to help professionals find the right MBA program for their Professional Development. In order to meet our goal, works closely with key partners to ensure that we reach our target audience, and that theMBA providers we work with are put in front of those looking to apply for their MBA.

We are continuously strenthening the partnerships we have, through innovative ways of interacting with our target audience, and we're always looking for new partnerships to extend our reach. works in partnership with The Independent to power their online MBA Guide and The Independent works in cooperation with The Independent to become the largest portal for MBA programs aimed at professionals with thousands of listed with hundreds of MBA providers.

The Independent launched their Executive MBA Search Guide in May 2010 which is powered entirely by

This site incorporates all the MBA program information and MBA providers details that are listed here on, to help people find the right MBA prgram for their development.

Through working with The Independent, is able to extend our reach to a highly relevant target audience of MBA buyers.

Visit The Independent's MBA Search Guide

Last updated: 29 May 2012

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