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Which MBA course is right for you? Specialist

It sounds like you may be best suited for a specialist MBA!

It sounds like you may be best suited for a specialist MBA!

A specialist MBA course will allow you to delve further into your chosen specialism. Whilst the skills you'll learn will be similar to a general MBA course, the modules and topics will be more focused on your chosen sector. Some specialist MBA courses can include financial services, digital management or strategic health and social care.

MBA courses will usually include an international study visit, providing you extra insight into how your industry works within a global setting.

It’s ideal for candidates to have some past managerial or work experience, as this will only help to strengthen your application and show you already have some understanding of how the industry works.

With an MBA, you’ll show that you are passionate about your industry and want to advance as far as you can. Find out how you can get ahead with an MBA here.

Last updated: 01 Mar 2017

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