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MBA Guidance - Helping you find the right MBA!

All you need to know about MBA programs

Together with our partnering MBA Business Schools and Universities, is able to offer you guidance and help in choosing the right MBA program.

Choosing the right business school and navigating the MBA application process can be a daunting task. aims to provide future students with the most comprehensive guidance to make this process as easy as possible. Whether you are looking for information about entrance exams, financing, MBA rankings, TOEFL and other language exams, or accrediting bodies; is the place to find the information you are looking for.

Underneath you will find all the (links towards) information you need in order to choose the right MBA for you.

What is an MBA?What is an MBA?

MBA, short for Master of Business Administration, is a degree specifically designed for participants who wish to further develop their business and management skills in order to lift their careers to the next level. MBA programs are often specialized in a certain area and are therefore not only applicable to the world of business, but to management and leadership positions in all sorts of industries in the private & public sector, government and all other areas.

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MBA Admission InformationMBA Admissions information

Procedures for applying to the business schools and their MBA programs may vary, however there are usually a standard set of qualifications for most programs. These qualifications include the completion of an undergraduate program (bachelor's degree), the results of the GMAT / GRE test, the english proficiency test TOEFL and an interview. We've a number of articles regarding different aspects of the business school admission process, from a general overview to more specific advice on leveraging work experience, GMAT test preparation tips and more.

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MBA RankingsMBA Rankings

When it comes to business schools, rankings tell you everything about the business school's international perceived prestige and may sway your choice from one business school to another. To assist you in this choice, we have brought together a number of external resources, such as MBA rankings from the Financial Times, The Economist and Business Week.

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MBA ScholarshipsMBA Scholarships

MBA programs are expensive, but there are a plethora of scholarships available on the basis of merit, and other eligibility criterion. MBA scholarships are available through government organizations, schools or many other outlets. Navigating the application process for MBA scholarships can be a difficult and complicated one, but is here to help!

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MBA Accrediting bodiesMBA Accrediting Bodies

MBA accrediting bodies aim to provide students with peace of mind, while setting a standard of quality. Accredited MBA programs are a way to ensure that the program offers a comprehensive education and students will get the most out of their MBA experience. Learn about the three largest MBA accrediting bodies and find an accredited program that is perfect for you.

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MBA Alumni InterviewsMBA Alumni Interviews

Choosing the right MBA program can be difficult, especially with the abundance of quality programs out there. Besides MBA rankings and information provided by each business school, prospective MBA applicants can look to current students and alumni to get a clear understanding of what a program is like and what they can expect to gain from it. Here, you can read the real stories and experiences of MBA students and alumni and learn from their choices and make an informed decision on which program is right for you.


MBA Alumni reviewsMBA Alumni reviews and interview

Besides all the information you can find online or directly from business schools themselves, a great resource of information are the almuni that have actually followed the program. We have collected a continuously growing list of reviews by MBA alumni, ordered by MBA program. 

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MBA FAQMBA Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we try to incorporate as much information into our MBA Guides as we can, there are always bound to be a few more (specific) questions you may have. In this section, we have listed a plethora of frequently asked questions by you, the user.  

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Last updated: 10 Jun 2020

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