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Student reviews for Westminster Part-Time MBA

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Gordon Evans“I chose Westminster because it is AMBA accredited, in a good location and is a well known place and name. It's giving me a grounded and complete view of business processes and opportunities.” Gordon Evans
“I'm studying the MBA to provide me with a fuller understanding of the various functions of an organisation (eg marketing and finance) and improve my employability. I have already been offered five jobs on completion of my MBA!” Jake Wilson
“The Westminster Part-Time MBA is a rigorous academic programme in business administration that enables me to enhance my general management skills and to apply them at the workplace right from the start of the programme. Firstly, the programme offers a holistic exposure to how businesses can sustain and succeed in the midst of economic and compe...
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“When deciding which business school to study my MBA, here were number of things that appealed to me about the University of Westminster. First, the AMBA accreditation, which meant the programme was recognised externally for offering something of merit and appropriate to an ever changing business environment. Second, the social entrepreneurship ...
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I could see a direct implementation of my HR/organisation/change management learning in my previous role and in my new role, the financial and accounting knowledge acquired on the MBA has been key to be able to perform my current responsibilities. Jose Crespo
Every day, every week, I use the skills I developed whilst on the MBA in meetings; in planning; in thinking - it's part of my continual professional development and is seamless. Nigel Brinklow
Mercedez Alvarez
I'm really enjoying the MBA, it is excellent. The MBA has given me options, has given me a vision, it is actually the best decision I have taken in many years. I give it 10 out of 10!” Mercedes Alvarez Fojo
Studying my MBA at the University of Westminster is offering me the prospect to grow as a person and as a skilled individual in the business world. An exceedingly inspiring intellectual environment and a first rate managerial tutoring, a truly enriching cultural mix in my part time MBA class and finally the school central location were the reaso...
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My career ambition is to be able to bring the best practice from the private sector into the public sector and have a more commercial approach. We don't at the moment, in the public sector, have the corporate mindset to help us be more productive and efficient. It also gives me great opportunities in the future if I wanted to move out of the pol...
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