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Full-time MBA program

University of Maryland: Smith, In Washington D.C
21 months
21 months
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Program description

the Smith MBAIt’s an exciting time in the world of business. Unexpected market forces and resulting organizational changes have been the catalyst for new and emerging business models, methods, and unprecedented worldwide connectivity. The new breed of B-school is one that is necessarily globally-focused, entrepreneurial, and technology-driven, while taking a corporate citizenship approach and remaining open to the drivers that will transform the way we do business tomorrow.

Why the Smith MBA?

The Smith MBA (full time) prepares you to successfully meet the challenges of a world that is rapidly reinventing itself. Our traditional, yet innovative curriculum provides a solid understanding of Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Technology (GET) throughout and presents opportunities to apply these foundational principals for doing business in a number of ways. Customize your program with GET Selectives that enhance fundamental core courses to meet your unique career goals and interests.

Our world-class faculty consult with leading international corporations – placing them in a unique class of educators qualified to provide experiential learning opportunities by taking a hands-on approach. Smith faculty are committed to the professional growth of students through facilitating teams, serving as mentors, and leading study trips abroad. You can gain valuable experience while earning course credit, better preparing you for real-world challenges that present themselves after graduation. And our global learning options equip you to do business in today’s economy through international study programs that provide a first-hand look at business operations around the globe.

Application and Admission Requirements

The Smith MBA (full time) is designed for professionals with an average of 5 years work experience. One third of full-time MBA students have earned an undergraduate degree in business. Applicants represent all industry and academic backgrounds.

Admission Requirements:

  • Competitive applicants have at least 2 years work experience; Four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent.
  • GMAT is required
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Interview at the Discretion of the Admissions Committee.
  • TOEFL scores (if applicable).

The Smith MBA program features

  • An immersive and relevant management education experience
  • World class intellectual capital and research scholarship driven by our international recognized faculty
  • Access to centers of excellence such as: The Dingman Center, The New Markets Growth Fund, The Mayer Fund, and Netcentricity Labs
  • A wide range of electives in traditional and cross-functional areas offered to meet students’ professional goals
  • Full spectrum of career services including assessment, consultation, network management, and internship and full time placement

Expenses / Tuition Fees

Full Time MBA Tuition and Fees (per semester - In State), for 15 credits $17,009.63, for 17 credits $19,853.63.
Full Time MBA Tuition and Fees
(per semester - Out of State), for 15 credits $23,597.63 , for 17 credits $27,905.63.

University of Maryland: Smith
Robert H. Smith School of Business
College Park, MD 20742 University of Maryland, Washington, DC

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