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Joint MEM / MBA program

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Program summary

Program description

The M.E.M./M.B.A. joint-degree program prepares students for careers in technology management and positions of industrial leadership. Engineers who have several years of professional experience and meet the entrance requirements of both Thayer School and Tuck School of Business are eligible for admission to the M.E.M./M.B.A. program. Applications must be made to both schools.

Once admitted to both programs, students arrange their study programs with assigned faculty advisors from both schools. Normally, a joint-degree student completes the first-year M.B.A. curriculum at Tuck before beginning the Thayer School portion of the degree.

Required courses

  • The first-year M.B.A. curriculum at Tuck School (14 courses)
  • The engineering design sequence: (ENGS 190, ENGS 290, and ENGG 390) (3 courses)
  • Graduate-level engineering courses (6 courses)
  • The second-year M.B.A. electives at Tuck School (8 courses)
  • About school

    Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

    As part of the Dartmouth College campus, the Tuck School combines the intellectual depth of a large Ivy League university with the soul of a tightly knit community. Tuck provides a world-class business education. The faculty ensure that our students...

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    Contact info

    Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

    100 Tuck Hall
    NH 03755 Hanover

    Phone no: +1 603-646-8825

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