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You're a Transactional Leader

Transactional LeadershipThe Transactional Leader favours the use of rewards and punishments to encourage compliance from his or her followers. They are focused on ensuring that current business performance is optimized before addressing future concerns. Transactional leaders pay close attention to details and the work of their reporting staff to ensure faults and deviations are identified and corrected. Transactional leaders are known to be highly effective in crisis situations and in executing detailed projects.

What's a transactional leader like?

  • Supervises closely the performance of their employees
  • Motivates their team with rewards and new challenges
  • Focuses on the efficiency of the method, and less on the outcomes
  • Applies universal solutions to management problems, rather than encouraging new input

How can an MBA can improve my transactional leadership style?

Transactional leaders are most comfortable operating within existing frameworks and with known quantities. This approach can often go at the expense of innovation, development and creative break-throughs. This is where an MBA specialized in Brand and Product Management can help you and your business thrive and complement your leadership style. You can develop new abilities to implement creative thinking processes in your organisation, be reward-oriented, while enabling your team to support innovation in the workplace.

Last updated: 28 Jan 2014

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