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You're a Laissez-Faire Leader

You're a Laissez-Faire Leader

Laissez Faire LeaderLaissez-Faire leaders are excellent delegators and provide their followers with continued opportunities to take responsibility for tasks and the freedom to make their own-decisions. This often encourages feelings of value and loyalty among followers, but if allowed too much freedom, workers can feel insecure and require more guidance and input to ensure performance does not suffer. Laissez-Faire leaders must ensure they follow up all delegated tasks to ensure completion and satisfactory standards are maintained.

What is a laissez-faire leader really like?

  • Provides resources and development opportunities to their employees
  • Encourages initiative and independent thinking in their team
  • Values personal input from each employee
  • Leaves their team the liberty to make decisions
  • Coordinates, supervises, encourages, and doesn't dictate decisions

How business studies can help to develop my laissez faire leadership style?

Choose an MBA that builds your personality, shows you new approaches to people management and inspires you to gather and maintain a winning team for your business.

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Last updated: 28 Jan 2014

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