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You're a Democratic Leader

You're a Democratic Leader

Democratic LeadershipEmbrace democratic leadership and refine your style during your MBA. The democratic leader likes to consider all proposals before reaching a decision and is comfortable placing trust in others, to complete assigned tasks proactively according to their own methods and with limited involvement from themselves.

One risk of this management style is that, unless it is supported by a parallel system of controls to measure results, performance can decline unnoticed if a leader is too detached from the everyday processes and decision making. A further risk is that lengthy discussions and multiple points of view can prevent actions being taken, deadlines being missed and time lost in long, unproductive meetings.

What's a democratic leader like?

  • Encourages employees to express their opinions
  • Provides guidelines and recommendations for reaching a goal, but leaves room for employees' own decisions
  • Gives regular feedback to individuals and focuses on motivating them for reaching long-term goals
  • Puts an emphasis on the overall business targets, not the specific method for reaching them
  • Makes the final decision based on the team's input

How can an MBA develop my democratic leadership style?

Business administration knowledge and leadership training throughout your MBA can help you promote a motivational ethos and build an environment that is conducive to discussion, collaboration and creative thinking. You will learn how to further encourage your employees to feel valued and productive and drive value to your business through people.

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Last updated: 28 Jan 2014

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