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Tips and Preparation for the MBA Application Interview

So you've submitted your application in to the b-school of your choice and you've been notified that the school is interested in having you take the next step in the process - the business school interview.

The admissions interview serves as an opportunity for you to bring your application to life and to connect in a more personal way to the admissions committee. Former Associate Director of Admissions at Chicago's Booth School of Business Cindy Sullivan offers valuable tips and advice for success in the interview process.

Remember, this is your best opportunity to persuade the admissions committee that you are indeed a superior candidate. The applicant pool for these selective MBA programs after all are filled with thousands of candidates who look great on paper, with the grades and the scores, the necessary work experience and the appearance of being able to build a successful career after graduation.

Admissions committees are seeking only the best candidates, however. Those individuals who are so dynamic and who possess the academic prowess and personal strengths that a successful and effective leader has. It should be no surprise the interview can be over a third of the formula used to 'rank' applicants (depending on the program). While many think this is unfair, since a typical interview doesn't seem to adequately reflect the candidate's suitability for the business field, it has to be understood that the interview isn't about academic ability; it's all about whether you have the temperament, the qualities necessary to be a successful leader. Qualities such as integrity, negotiating skills, sensitivity and good judgment can be seen within the interview - admissions committees know what to look for in regards to their own programs. A longer period of time isn't usually necessary.

The admissions committee is committed to admitting students who are able to handle the rigors of the school's business program on an academic, physical, psychological, and personal level. This is your opportunity to convince them that you are indeed up to the challenge.

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Tips and Preparation for the MBA Application Interview was reproduced with kind permission from Admissions Consultants. Admissions Consultants can help you with personalized admissions consulting services from experts with admissions committee experience from the top business schools.

Last updated: 17 Oct 2011

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