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Rules & Guidelines's Code of Conduct & Guidelines for bloggers

Thank you for becoming a blogger on Blogging on our site will help inform, and advise our users, and ultimately increase the value of the service we provide. Here are some general guidelines to the type of content, links, and graphics we encourage you to use in your blog.

General guidelines for writing blog entries:

  • You can write blog entries as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, abusive, expressing threats or conflicting information that is protected by copyright.
  • It is forbidden to write negative statements about other training providers / courses, or to harm, or insult other people, or to name individual trainers or delegates on the site.
  • Your blog posts must be based on your own, self-perceived experiences or knowledge and must at all times be true, honest, and reasoned.
  • It is forbidden to advertise or offer external services in your blog posts. If you as an training provider would like to market your services to our users please contact us so we can advise you on how we can help you promote yourself.


  • If possible, please at all time link to your profile on
  • Use anchor text for your links – A link is given far greater value if the right anchor text is used, i.e. the right words are used for a link’s text. Search engines value anchor text highly when considering links, thus your page will rank higher on Google / Yahoo / Bing, etc.

Please bear in mind:

  • You are personally liable for what you write and post on the site.
  • Your trusted cyber-identity (your IP address) is logged and saved in the case that any breaches of the rules are committed and in the event the police become involved.
  • moderates the blogs, and approves all blog comments manually before they are published.
  • reserves the right to, without notice, remove or edit blog posts / comments according to the law and our rules for using the service.

Report to us:

If you believe a comment on your blog violates the above-mentioned rules and therefore should not be visible on the site, please report at all times to

Kind Regards,

Last updated: 04 Feb 2010

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