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Authoritarian Leadership

You're an authoritarian leader

Authoritarian leaderThe authoritarian or autocratic leader generally trusts his or her own opinions to be correct and prefers to concentrate on transforming those opinions into action, rather than giving time to discussion or hearing suggestions from others.

The determined leader may find it difficult to motivate or inspire team members and may not allocate responsibilities for maximum efficiency if strengths in others are overlooked. Firm leaders may run the risk to miss valuable input from junior team members who feel uneasy voicing opposing ideas.

What's an authoritarian leader really like?

  • Accepts little input from the team they lead
  • Results-oriented, rather than concerned about the means through which goals are achieved
  • Firm and determined when putting their point across
  • Has the last word and makes the final decision

How can an MBA build my leadership style?

Determined leaders are well suited to environments that require quick decision making or where there is a lower level of experience or developed skills within a team. Determined leaders can bring focus and direction to teams lacking common goals. An MBA program can build on your strengths are highly compatible with roles in areas such as the Military, Defence or Emergency Services.

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Last updated: 28 Jan 2014

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