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Alumni Networking in Business Schools

What is an alumni network?

MBA Alumni NetworkOne of the most appealing networking possibility related to the MBA study is the Alumni Network or Graduates' Association. Depending on the university profile, your former MBA specialization, and generation's spirit, the advantages of the alumni network may include business partnerships, career recommendations, access to important events and professional connectivity accross the globe. Alumni networks and associations help you reach beyond the classroom experience and help you share the results of a successful education with high impact in your professional branch.

Local Chapters

Because most of the MBA graduates are active business personalities in the international environment, local branches of alumni networks are organized and directed by graduates themselves. Becoming a part of a local chapter of the graduate association means becoming a reliable standpoint in a global map of opportunities. You gain better access to academic and business events in your area and know who to contact when you are on a business trip abroad. The university office in charge of the alumni association are your first contacts who put you in touch with country- or city-specific offices where you can meet and greet your colleagues again.

Social media interaction

The advantages of new technology and the enhanced connectivity changed the way alumni networks function nowadays. Sometimes your university portals dedicated to alumni may look too formal or less inviting to share pictures from your business trips / holidays. Joining a Facebook group or Linked In community you will be able to access differnt alumni news from both former colleagues and faculty. Formal or not, the social media interactivity makes you acknowledge that the alumni network  is an important part of your professional life.

Class Reunions & Homecoming  Events

Graduate AssociationsThe exciting venues during which you can meet your colleagues again are the homecoming events, typically organized and hosted by your home university. Getting back on campus to see your colleagues makes you  quite vividly re-live the early experiences of your MBA study years. Interacting with new generations and meeting your professors again build bridges accross different cultures of doing business. Whether you celebrate 5, 10 or 30 years since you received your MBA diploma, your alma mater will welcome you with special dedicated events and a fresh vision.

Long-term benefits

From job tips and career development recommendations to free entrance to fashion events, the alumni network benefits are a true source of inspiration for all business personalities. Beyond keeping up the university spirit, the college years memories and a high business portfolio, the alumni association membership offers you the easiest access to the innovative thinking and the business vision of the future decades. You will be one step ahead your competition and  committed friend to all your fellow alumni.

Last updated: 19 Sep 2012

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