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What is an Executive MBA?

Executive MBA is a type of MBA (Master of Business Administration) specially designed and adapted for managers with the appropriate academic and professional experience in either the private or public sector.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) originated in America over a hundred years ago and has now reached worldwide recognition. In the 1990s the Executive MBA programmes begun to be established outside North America. Accredited business schools worldwide now run more than 240 Executive MBA programmes.

Executive MBA programmes differ from other kinds of MBA programmes in the following ways:

  • Unlike full-time programmes students continue to work while they study and are generally older and more experienced,
  • Unlike most distance learning programmes the direct personalinteraction in the classroom and in study groups is considered criticalto the learning experience,
  • Unlike other kinds of MBA programmes, the participants of anExecutive MBA start the programme in the middle of their career.This allows them to share valuable experiences from different positionsfrom a large variety of professional backgrounds.
  • Executive MBA programmes usually offer additional support forstudents, including staff support, meals, and other amenities, soparticipants with busy schedules can focus on learning.
Last updated: 04 Nov 2009

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